In blackjack when should you double down

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Blackjack Strategy – The Double Down and Split

When to double down in blackjack and when not to - SFGate According to odds experts all over the world, unless you’re playing single- or double-deck, this strategy will cost you serious cash over time. ... When to double down in blackjack and when not ... Blackjack Doubling Down - ThoughtCo Winning at blackjack requires taking advantage of every opportunity the game offers, and one of the most favorable situations for the player is the double down. When you double down, you get to double your original wager in exchange for a single card.

Let’s get to the facts. When the Dealer is showing an Ace as his up card, he will have a pat hand 61.78% of the time. And 30.74% of the time that will be a Blackjack, but you will have a Blackjack 6.40% of the time when an “Ace” is showing — so that cuts it down to 55.38% for a pat hand. But now, back to the up card of Ace.

When to Double Down in Blackjack | Gambling Tips - YouTube Jun 01, 2013 · One blackjack strategy is to double down. Our gambling expert explains what that means and when to do it in this video. Knowing when to double down greatly increases your odds of winning.

Finally the only other hard hand combination that you can Double Down on when you are playing European Blackjack is a hard nine two card combination, and the correct playing strategy for this Blackjack game variant will call for you to always Double Down such hands when the Dealers up facing card is a 2 to 6 card, if the Dealer has any card ...

Double Down? What does Double Down mean in Blackjack and why is it such a popular strategy? It's bumping your initial bet by 100% and staying in the game after only receiving one more card. Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart - Learn when to Hit, Stand An easy to understand UK basic strategy guide for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. Reduce the house edge by playing optimal blackjack. Spanish Blackjack - Free Play and Strategy Advice You are going to be able to surrender your hand when playing this blackjack game online and you are also going to be allowed to double down on any two initial cards you have been dealt out, and you can also re-double any hand but only once.

Not every game of blackjack will allow you to double down on your hand, and not every casino (brick-and-mortar or online) will follow the same rules regarding doubling down. The most common form of the double-down rule allows players to double down on their initial two-card hand.

In multiple-deck you hit; in single-deck, double down. If you have 8: Double down against 5 and 6. If you are holding ace, 8: As good as that 19 looks, it is to the player's advantage to double down against a 6. Stand against all else. If you are holding ace, 7: Stand against an ace, unless you are playing in a casino in which the dealer hits ...