Job slot limit reached 1 host

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Running Jobs with Platform LSF - SAS Technical Support • bsub — Submit jobs Job slot A job slot is a bucket into which a single unit of work is assigned in the LSF system. Hosts are configured to have a number of job slots available and queues dispatch jobs to fill job slots. Commands • bhosts — View job slot limits for hosts and host groups • bqueues — View job slot limits for queues shell - grep: How do I exclude a matching line and the Dec 19 18:00 One of the user's groups has reached its job slot limit; 3098784 nsgg289 PEND intelg_sma gcn04 xhzha Dec 20 14:48 One of the user's groups has reached its job slot limit; Explained: grep -n -B 1 'The user' a.txt # Print each line matching 'The user' and one line preceding it, the -n flag prefixes output with line number egrep -v

Use lsb_pendreason() to determine why a job is pending. Each pending reason is associated with one or more hosts. SYNOPSIS #include char *lsb_pendreason (int numReasons, int *rsTb, struct PARAMETERS ...

Resource allocation limits - IBM bjobs shows 1 job in RUN state in each queue: bjobs JOBID USER STAT QUEUE FROM_HOST EXEC_HOST JOB_NAME SUBMIT_TIME 16 user1 RUN normal hosta hosta sleep 1000 Aug 30 16:26 17 user1 PEND normal hosta sleep 1000 Aug 30 16:26 ...

Platform LSF™ Quick Reference Version 7 Update 5 ... user groups, and job slot limits for users and user groups Variable Description UNIX Default ... execution host when the job allocation is modified-S stack_limit Sets a per-process (soft) stack segment size limit (KB)

3.13 Setting Up for Special Environments - Computer Sciences Dept. 3.13.1 Using Condor with AFS ... 3.13.8 Running Condor Jobs within a Virtual Machine ... These should be made as host-based ACLs with AFS, but here at ..... Condor will not directly enforce a RAM utilization limit on either slot. ...... will never kill a job to free up a limit, including the case where a limit maximum is exceeded. TS3Updatescript doesn´t work. · Issue #80 · TS3Tools ... - GitHub Jul 8, 2018 ... 1 TeamSpeak 3 server instance found... Collecting as ..... |VirtualSvrMgr | |loading VirtualServer(1) failed to start, error: max slot limit reached PBS Professional 13.1 User's Guide - PBS Works Jun 2, 2016 ... for jobs where attempting to run the job in a tight time slot can be useful. ...... limit >=1. You receive at most limit emails. limit = 0. PBS ignores this ...... If any of the host limits for mem, ncpus, cput, or vmem is exceeded, the job is ... Azure subscription limits and quotas | Microsoft Docs

196 because limit has been reached for requested r... - VOX

Platform LSF Version 6.1 - API Reference - lsb_pendreason() The queue's per-host job slot limit is reached. PEND_USER_PROC_JLIMIT The user's per-CPU job slot limit is reached. PEND_UGRP_PROC_JLIMIT The user group's per-CPU job slot limit is reached. PEND_BAD_HOST Incorrect host, group or cluster name. PEND_QUEUE_HOST The host is not used by the queue. PEND_HOST_USR_JLIMIT The host's per-user job slot ...