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Poker face Idiom Definition – Grammarist Poker face is an idiom that first appeared in the 1870s. An idiom is a word, group of words or phrase that has aWe will examine the definition of the expression poker face, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences. A poker face is a facial expression that does not show any... Poker-faced in a sentence | Example sentences Use "poker-faced" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word.yet in the office he is dead pan to say the least and he has a reputation for being poker-faced professionally. Every few seconds he twisted his head around and look back over...

The two are looking at a horse with a human face and an enormous collar. The horse is labeled "Gillett". The caption reads, "Parker: 'Will he stand without hitching?'; Herrin: 'Sure!

How to keep a poker face whilst playing Poker – Lu Dyar –… Some poker players wear sun glasses to hide their eyes. If you are not sure that you can control your eyes, follow their example.It is a good advice to practice a poker face in front of the mirror. You will be able to see your natural expression. Repeat this exercise every day and you will successfully... Poker Face

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What Does Poker Face Mean? - Writing Explained Poker face definition. What is the meaning of poker face? Learn this English idiom along with other words and phrases at Writing Explained. What is poker face?

14 quotes have been tagged as poker-face: Jamie McGuire: ‘I thought I was going to sweat five years before I'd feel like this.I wanted it as much as y...

Wearing costumes as almost as outrageous worn by the Poker Face worn by the Poker Face in g er, the Hydro was in g er, the Hydro was riot of crazy outfits by the the gig kicked off last night. It seems the Poker Face singer has taken a liking to a good old British brew … poker face in a sentence - how to use - eng.ichacha.net Swoopes wore a poker face to deprive the enemy of emotional feedback. Bruno has studiously maintained a poker face when confronted with the issue. Johnson, poker faced , sentenced the black men to 30 minutes in custody. Poker face - definition of poker face by The Free Dictionary poker face - a face without any interpretable expression (as that of a good poker player) poker game, poker - any of various card games in which players bet that they hold the highest-ranking hand. countenance, visage - the appearance conveyed by a person's face; "a … How do you use poker face in sentence - answers.com A poker face is an emotionless face as to not give the other players hints on the strength of your hand (if you're bluffing or not). To make a poker face, simply look emotionless.